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Does your homeowner policy provide protection against catastrophic events? Most people assume it does, but the reality is often far removed from common expectation. Following are some things you should know in order to obtain the right policy for your home and family: READ MORE >>

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are among the fastest-growing segments of the Internet. More people are turning to them. They're a wonderful way to stay connected with family and friends. Unfortunately, there's a dark side to even the most valuable tool. READ MORE >>

The recent passing of the controversial health reform bill is creating quite a bit of confusion among insurance professionals and consumers alike. No one is quite sure what all the changes will be, but most industry experts agree rates will rise for most families and supplemental plans will be in high demand as Americans look for rate relief from rising premiums. READ MORE >>

Most health insurance plans offer you resources, tools and even access to discount programs for health-related services and products. For example, some plans offer weight loss or smoking cessation programs. Here you’ll find some helpful tips for making any health insurance plan work for you. READ MORE >>

One of the common misperceptions surrounding life insurance is that the working spouse is the only person who should be insured. If you or your spouse stays at home with the children it is essential to calculate the equivalent cost of replacing that support in order to maintain your standard of living in the event of a major loss. READ MORE >>

While shopping online for insurance is fast and convenient, there are a few dirty little secrets that might end up making it cost more than you realize. Find out why using an agent beats shopping online for insurance. Only advertisers: Online insurance quotes compare only the rates of companies that advertise on their website. READ MORE >>

Many people are unaware their credit history may strongly influence the cost of homeowners and auto insurance. A poor credit score can result not only in higher insurance premiums but also in a denial of coverage altogether. READ MORE >>

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